What Does WIIFM Mean?

People want to know how you can help them, what service(s) you provide, what your hours are, etc .

Contrary to popular opinion your potential & existing clients don’t spend hours or even minutes searching for information.

And initially don’t care about you (or me), the owner or the business!

A potential client is searching for a solution to a problem, not your resume!  Solution First, Resume/Details Second.

Some professionals put their whole life story on-line in the beginning (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants for example).

You need to do this at some point.

Initially though you need to gain a potential clients attention.

Don’t get me wrong, you need detailed information.

But, first, you need to gain your clients attention.

I’m talking about:

  • Having your information visible by directing a potential client to your information using the Foot In The Door Advertising technique by answering the question WIIFM!
  • Having your information point outwards and not about you. People are looking for solutions not how great we are.
  • Having a web-site that tells people what you do.
  • Here’s an example, the home page to this site,  These “mini” sites load quickly, contain all your information and can point to a more detailed site if you have one. 
  • This method has two uses, point to a more detailed site or use as your site.

This is what WIIFM does!

While we do all types of design I specialize in attention grabbing advertising.  Answer WIIFM and you are on the way!  Back to our home page 


P.S. Did you know that their are over 1,500,000,000 web sites as of January 15, 2020?
And 300 web sites are registered every minute? Your competitors are in these statistics!




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