Foot In The Door Business Management Services, Version 2.0, The Complete Back Office Tools You Need to Run Your Business!

The world we live in is going through a major change.

This change will impact how we advertise and how we sell.

We’re in uncharted territory right now.

Unfortunately, brick and mortar stores will lose business because of social distancing.

People are afraid to shop.

This is not going away.

Are you prepared to take up the slack and face the new challenges in the years ahead?

As a business, on or off-line it doesn’t matter. Your business or service will be impacted.

You have to be creative and adjust in order to stay afloat and survive.

I can help. I will help!

Will you be among those ready today to take advantage of Version 2.0 of Foot In The Door Business Management Services?
Will you be ready to implement AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) while not worrying about your back-office?
Will you be among the first to use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) to increase your sales?
Will you be among the first to adjust to the new rules and “procedures” on selling?
Or, are you still searching the web for the next shiny “thing” where you “only” press a button that allows you to make thousands of dollars a day!

If you’re looking for the next shiny “thing” you’re in the wrong place!

If you’re looking to upgrade your business for the challenges ahead, the information below is what you need!

I’ve put together a service that will help you succeed as the world moves forward into semi-uncharted waters.

My services will allow you to market, advertise and sell while not worrying about the nitty gritty day to day functions you need to run your business!

Below you will see various options to do this. Take time to look at them. Keep in mind they can be customized (more on this down the page).

I only work with a few clients at a time. This allows me to focus on your business and what I can do to help you succeed.

What you can purchase and receive is listed below. There are options if you decide to purchase only selected upgrades. The basic service is required, everything else is optional.

After you sign up, I will first contact you via e-mail, then by phone (US ONLY) to learn about your business. First step, I will do a business assessment that includes:

  • Review of your business plan
  • What your markets are,
  • What tools you use
  • What you see as your strengths,
  • What you see as your weakness,
  • What you think I can do to help you grow,
  • Business key words being used,
  • Review your You Tube videos,
  • and much more.

This business assessment by itself is worth $1,200.

The options below, If you invest separately in everything comes to $1,525/month.

But this will not happen.

I have a better way for you to invest your capital and save you at least, at a minimum, $550/month ($6,600/year)!

Look over the options below and see what I am offering your business.

I do not believe in cookie cutter solutions where one method fits everyone.

I believe in partnering with my clients. I started my business in 1991 and have a pretty good idea how to be successful. Here’s some information about me.

Again, Look over the services below. Possibly not all fit what you need. It may be possible for me to develop a more customized package that better fits your individual needs rather than you purchasing everything.

But you have to sign up to start the process.

Foot In The Door Business Management Services, Version 2.0, Options:

BASIC SERVICE ($475/month) – Required:
  • WEB HOSTING on my server,
  • Yours site(s) designed using WordPress,
  • One web address (URL), that can have up to 5 business pages (legal disclaimers included free – see bottom of this page),
  • Responsive site (works on desktop, tablet and phone),
  • Secure https site at no extra charge,
  • Americans With Disability (ADA) Tool on Page,
  • E-mail contact form included (See the bottom of this page for an example),
  • You have full access as an editor to make changes on your WordPress site (more on an Editors roll here),
  • 10 e-mail addresses that can be forwarded automatically to any e-mail account you want,
  • Daily backup,
  • Identification of keywords. Finding the best keywords for the market you want to get noticed in,
  • 24 hour or less support response,
  • Five Ads on page, minimum. On this page look at the right side (scroll up). These are the types of ads that will linked to YOUR products. Or use as information links that visitors will find interesting,
  • Page Protection (no one can copy and paste your information – try it on this page!),
  • Protected business service area (once you claim your business area I will not sell to a competitor of yours. Exception, if you cover the United States for example, you have no protected area),
  • One video page, This video is on its own page with links to a sales page. This example is is the video for the Windows 10 service on the right (scroll up). Watch this video then click on the ad and see the complete product sales page.
  • Google and Bing Search Engine notified:
  • How We notify search Engines
  • In addition to the above:
  • Your own art dept. See a design example here with an e-mail below used to contact you,
  • A second web address (URL), that can have up to 5 business pages (legal disclaimers included free – see bottom of this page),
  • Secure https site at no extra charge,
  • Weekly check to make sure your site(s) is not blacklisted,
  • Product design flyers and ads. The flyer and ads are designed in house by either me or an associate. They will be for your products/services and can be used on-line or as a e-mail attachment. See examples here.
  • Web design services based on what you do,
  • 5 e-mail threads (a tread is about a certain topic and may contain many e-mails) a week for business questions between us.
  • SEO Process: I will take the best keywords identified above for your business, make sure they are optimized. Then set up your backlink campaign. See our FAQ’s here.
  • Backlinks added automatically. Backlinks (see our FAQ’s here) are a tool used to promote your pages to other sites. The more sites you are linked on, the better it is for being recognized by the search engines. This is a breakdown of the 500 high quality links presently used (click image for a larger view).
Second Upgrade ($250/month) – Optional:
  • In addition to the above:
  • E-mail bulk mailing system management (includes seeding account to lower the risk of being blackballed). You purchase directly from the supplier for a one time fee, for a one time fee paid to them for the system and I will set it up and operate it for you,
  • copywriting (writing powerful sales copy) for you sales letters,
  • Unlimited Ads and Banners on a page,
  • Training on using Blogs (A blog will show up on your site. Your blog posts will show up in the right hand column where it says Hello World).
Third Upgrade ($400/month) – Optional:
  • In addition to the above:
  • A third web address (URL), that can have up to 5 business pages (legal disclaimers included free – see bottom of this page),
  • Secure https site at no extra charge,
  • One Stealth Video (go to this page and scroll down to STEALTH VIDEO to see it in action. It draws attention. Click on it and see what I mean),
  • Weekly 45 minute telephone consultation, if needed,
  • A guy or girl spokesperson. OK, male or female  :), See one in action here
  • Unlimited e-mail consultations.
  • Face Book Post post designs (where the image will be a clickable link to your ad) Go To This FaceBook page (sign in first) and look for this image and click on it to see an example of what can be done,How to set up a Face Book Ad
Bonus when all upgrades are purchased:
  • Billing system design and set up support, if required,
  • Consultation: business formation. Which is best for you?,
  • Design of Purchase Orders, Estimates and invoices,
  • Support in choosing web page name,
  • How to interact with a web registrar (not all are equal),
  • Support in moving existing site(s) over to our server,
  • Support in switching over to a more friendly business-mail system (Mozilla Thunderbird).

If you purchase all packages for $975/month these bonuses are included.

Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit by clicking on the button below.

The $500 is applied 100% to your first month.How the process works: I start with a business review as I outlined above.

This alone is worth over $1,200! I will either recommend a plan of action or I will tell you your business is not a good match for me and I will refund you $300.00 ($200 is for the business assessment).

I’m only interested in people who want to succeed.

The business review may allow me to develop a more customized package that better fits your individual needs rather than you purchasing everything.

This review, again, is worth over $1,200! No promises!

I would rather have you invest in services you need than just buying “stuff”!

I’ve been in business now since 1991, over 28 years! How many reading this can say this?

I started my business in 1991 and have a pretty good idea how to be successful. Here’s some information about me.

If you are just starting your business with limited capital to invest , Version 2.0 of Foot In The Door Business Management Services maybe more than you need. Then take a look at our Basic Foot in the Door  Service. It may be a better fit for you. Click here for more information

Foot In The Door Business Management Services, Version 2.0 Reservation ($500):

If  you receive a SOLD OUT message when you attempt to purchase on our secure server, send me an e-mail at explaining your business situation and I will get back to you

If you have an immediate need for an existing concern, contact us about using one of these services:

Need some specific help today? The next week you need more?

This is a short story I want to share with you before you choose one of the options below:

A young man and his new wife went into the auto dealership to buy a new car. They found the car they loved but could not believe the incredible price that it was being sold for.

Filled with joy, they told the sales-person this is the car we want, here’s the money!The sales-person tried to explain to them all the features and benefits of this car but they were in a such a rush they told the sales-person they will be back the next day to pick up the car.

The next day they arrived at the dealership and picked up their car. Flushed with joy, the young man opened the door for his wife, walked around to the other side, got in, and started the car.But the car would not start!

Flushed with disappointment he went back inside, found the sales-person ,and explained that the car would not start.

The sale-person said yes, I know. Yesterday you fell in love with the price of the car and you would not let me explain about this car. You see this car was designed to be used as a movie prop and has no engine.

We bought it to use as a show piece on the showroom floor.

If you still want this car we will be happy to add an engine for you. The price will be about what you paid for the car.

The young man was upset by the price because now it was more expensive than the other cars on the showroom floor.

The sales-person explained that it’s a known fact that it’s always better to buy a complete car than to add parts later due to the excessive labor involved!

These are options that may interest you:

25 E-mail consultations (only e-mails that are counted are ones that contain information about the question/concern being asked) $125.00.

Graphic Design. I will quote you a time to design your art and you can pay using this method, $53.50/unit (most designs take 2 to 3 units).

Telephone Consulting services.  A good way to address major problems you are having in your business:

ONE HOUR at $250.00

TWO HOURS at $400.00 total (A $100.00 savings)

THREE HOURS at $600.00 total (A $150.00 savings)

Foot In The Door Business Management Services

UPDATE SERVICES: Update web pages, e-mail programs, Face Book pages and other Social media Sites – $22.50/unit. I have to see what is needed before quoting.

Last, I’ve been asked why I limit how many clients I work with at a time. Simple, it’s very, very time consuming.

For me to give you the best results I will only work with between five and ten clients at a time.

To do a full review, update and cutover takes time and I do not rush through the process. Once a client is set up the labor intensive work is done. Then, and only then, I can add another client.



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