After Serving in the US Air Force, followed by joining a major telecommunications company where I worked my way from the bottom to reporting to the president then taking early retirement, I started the Crystal Group in 1991 as a designer of Promotional Advertising Products, Direct Mail  and list Building Services.

Over the years I became proficient in direct mail, copywriting, logo design, e-mail advertising, web site management and web site set-up for my clients. Today, The Crystal Group is a one stop shop for increasing the visibility (read sales) for small and medium size businesses.

When I started on the Internet it was basically run by engineers for engineers. Advertising was a no-no. Boy has this changed! For over two years I spent untold hours and dollars following the Internet, updating my skills and learning about the impact social medial and video ads have played in the advertising world. To me, as with my staff, everyday is a learning day.

I still sell promotional advertising products as most businesses need off-line and on-line ways to stay visible. However, direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. are losing their glamour. We still see them, get junk snail mail so they are not gone, yet! And probably never will.

Today people shop on line. If your’re not on line with a web page, Face Book page and a video you are losing out on sales. Let me help you build your business both on and off line.

One of the biggest mistakes business’ are making today is not recognizing that people don’t have time to hunt you down and find out what you do!

This is why I started Foot in the Door Advertising.

Fast loading and to the point.

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May 1, 2020

The crystal Group
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