Do You want a visibility package that will increase your presence on the Internet and YouTube? And costs less than a $1/day?

My package can be used as your web-site or as your foot in the door! Or Both!

The design will be fast loading and to the point! The best way to think about what I do is: “this is your on-line business card”.

If you already have a site, it’s not touched. Click on the image and see my foot in the door  “ad” (meant to direct the viewer to my web site):

I will Make sure the answer to the WIIFM question is answered!
Read on to find out how I can do this for you.

Since 1991 I’ve been in the advertising and marketing business. I’ve had my success’ (still in business for 25 plus years being a big one), failures and screw-ups.

With confidence I can say, “Been there, done that!”

I want to share my experiences with you and how to profit from my journey and knowledge.

And How I make money!

The bottom line is it’s the 21st century folks! You need to be seen.

My goal for you is:

  • increased visibility,
  • more sales and
  • being the go-to company for your product using a web site, a FaceBook fan page, and a YouTube video (s)
  • with a reasonable investment that won’t break your bank .

Order Your Web Design Package Today and Try it for Free! And then less than a $1/day.

I’ve put together this package that virtually any business can use to increase their exposure for less than a $1/day.

If you are in business today you need a website,  a FaceBook fan page and a video(s). Without a doubt, you need  a  video(s)! Even if you have a web-site you can use this technique as a quick introduction to your business/service. Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine?

My package, described below, combines what a business needs (what I just described above) to survive.

I do not do a cut and paste, fill in the blanks solutions, etc.

Setting up a client is a fairly rigorous process so I  do no more than 10 setups at a time. After an account is set up and running I can add another as the maintenance end is not as time consuming .

Many business’ and “web designers” today don’t have a clue about what I’m saying concerning advertising and marketing techniques. Here’s some of my pet peeves:

  • Did you know a potential client is turned off by “fluffy sites” ? They look good and are basically a homage to the designer. Pages and pages of information. But do very little for your business as they are hard to find and do not have a “Call To Action” message.
  • Another big turn off is the sites design. I see business’ using  a  family member, friend, done for you business pages companies as the “designer”. Or someone who bought a program on web site design. The owner forgets why people visit their page! In some cases done for you pages may work. It’s a decision on what you want.
  • Another turn-off is having a slow loading website which turns away potential clients!
  • Another BIG turn off are FaceBook posts about your company’s pet, where you vacation, what you eat! You think just because your name is on the post this helps your business?
  • Blah, Blah, Blah…

Why am I being so blunt?

Because I really want to grab your attention!

People visit your site because they need a service or a product you provide. They need a solution to a problem they are having.

This is why you are in business!

Answer the question WIIFM and you’ll be ahead of the game.

I’ve put together an on-line advertising/marketing package that addresses your visibility and sales.

My package, custom designed for you, will help you grow your sales and your business.

This is not a cookie cutter approach but one that is designed just for you and won’t break the bank.I so believe in this process that I don’t get paid until I deliver a product that costs you less than a $1.00/day!!!

I know I’m not for everybody! I’m interested in working with people who want to increase their sales. Not you? I understand and I thank you for visiting.

This is a list of what’s included in my advertising/marketing package.  Underneath the list is more detailed information on some of the items listed.

  • A web-site containing information about how your company or service will solve a problem or need, contact information, what you offer, legal pages and an ADA notice,
  • Web Hosting (OPTION 1): You own the site and just transfer, at your end, the name to us. This is 100% controlled by you on your end. Don’t like what we do? Just change where you want your site to go too.
  • Web Hosting (OPTION 2): Another option is you purchase a web name and we host it. Prices paid directly to the registrar vary from $7/year to $25/year. I will work with you on this. 
  • Your photos/videos added. Videos help the sales process!
  • A responsive Site (looks good on desktop, phone or tablet),
  • One advertising video designed for use on your web-site, as an email attachment, on FaceBook, etc., and loaded on YouTube,
  • An Email address linked to your address:  Example: will be linked to your e-mail address. For example if you have a gmail account when people e-mail it’s automatically forwarded to you ,
  • Or if you have your own web address you can have 10 addresses,
  • FaceBook Fan Page, if needed,
  • YouTube Video, if needed,
  • Weekly backup,
  • Secure Web Hosting (https not http),
  • Page Protection (no one can copy and paste your information – try it on this page!),
  • One Stealth Video, See Below,
  • ADA Notice,
  • Backlink notifications – 2 backlinks a day for 21 days – (go to this page for what a backlink is),
  • Google and Bing Search Engines alerted when site is published and updated,
  • Search Engine optimized (SEO),
  • Protected business service area (once you claim your business area I will not sell to a competitor.,Exception, if you cover the United States for example, you have no protected area),
  • NO upsells from me for paid advertising on Google, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.
  • A guy or girl spokesperson. OK, male or female  :),
  • Legal Pages for your protection (see the bottom of this page for what I mean),
  • Support by e-mail. My goal is to respond within 24 hours to your questions or concerns, weekend maybe a little longer,
  • Since this will be customized, their maybe other enhancements to your site.

Your Investment

The first payment is due after you approve our work. You review the site, make sure it meets your needs and tell us it’s a go.

Then, ten days later,  you are invoiced for the first three (3) months plus a one time set up fee of $150 ($240 First time), then every quarter ($90 every 3 months).

Once you are set up any changes made to the site in the first 30 days are included. This is normal.

Later on you may want changes. If they are minor there’s no charge. I will quote you before-hand if any fees will apply.

I work on a handshake, not a written contract.

You have 10 days to try out the package. Either pay or not. No hard feelings.

In the future you are billed every three months. Either pay or cancel, again, no hard feelings (See FAQ page for Cancellation policy).

Even if you have a web-site this product will serve as you getting your foot in the door.

There are so many web-sites out there that are not set up for gaining interest in your company or service.

Think of it this way, you go into the supermarket and your eyes are drawn to a product (this package). You pick up the package for more information (your existing site or FaceBook page).

Or do you just look at shelves and move on?

Your total investment will be $360/year. Paid Quarterly. When paid the first time I’ll let the search engines know your live, add your back-links, set up your YouTube channel, FaceBook page (if needed), etc. I will need your log-in information to do this.

After set up, just change your password. Uncomfortable doing this? Then we are not a match. I have not been in business for over 25 years by stealing other people’s “stuff”!

One question I’m always asked is how can you do this at such a low price. Good question!

  • First,  I have all the tools to do everything in-house and I have many different options at my fingertips,
  • Second , I’ve been doing this for over 25 years,
  • And third, After I prove myself to you, I want to be your go to person for all your advertising/marketing needs. Need imprinted pens? Need a trade Show set up? Need hats/shirts? We do it all!


Web Hosting

There are two kinds of hosting available, shared and not shared. Shared hosting is used by the  majority of small and medium sized business’. Simply put, shared hosting is when more than one company is on the same equipment and share the available bandwidth. The host makes sure no one is hogging what’s available. Sometimes some one does something that impacts the sites speed and it may take a few hours to correct this.

This is a fact of life. Some hosts are better than others at monitoring. I’ve been using my host now for over four years (after switching about 4 times) and they do a good job. My host’s uptime also is over 99%

Not-shared hosting is different. If you are Pepsi, Ford, Verizon or any other big company you don’t share. You own the equipment! Expensive. And in my opinion not needed by the majority of businesses. A word about GoDaddy, HostGator and others. If you are  not going to use my company as your host I cannot help you. Note: GoDaddy, HostGator are both reputable and do good work. My business model does not fit into theirs and possibly others. Since they are the 500 pound gorilla in the room I choose not to work with their platforms.

Stealth Video

A Stealth video is a way to get attention.

There’s an overlay over the video that tells you to click here, unmute or some other message. You can have one per site (not page, site).

Here’s a video example with funny explanations of terms used daily in the advertising business:

Backlink Notifications

A backlink is a link one web-site gets from another web-site. Backlinks make an impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results.

This is why they are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking.

You don’t know it’s happening as I have a tool that does it automatically and slowly so as not to upset the search engines.

Basically I set up your site with your search terms and add 2 backlinks a day for 21 days.

I also blog  that you are up and running which gets the message out to about 60 additional web-sites.

Takes time, but it’s the safest way to add backlinks.

SEO Optimized

I make sure your site and video are using the proper search terms and notify the search terms.

Since this is free and not using paid advertising (see below) it will take time.

Read the NO PAID ADVERTISING section below and see what I did for free.


On the initial site there will be no paid advertising for Google, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.

Working with small and medium size business’ since 1991 I found out money is important!

So we start out small. You can add this later if you want.

I do recommend waiting, baby steps, even if you have an existing web-site and budget.Here’s some examples of what I’ve done for free: I own the site Go to YouTube (second largest search engine) and search for #businesscardmagnets, businesscardmagnets or business card magnets. I have about 15 videos on the first page ( and are sites I own). Done with no paid advertising. On FaceBook (third largest search) search for business card magnets. I’m on the top. Here’s a little trick you can use to search with use the # sign before you search: #businesscardmagnets  Do this on FaceBook, I’m on top.  I have a few pages  on the first page of Google plus the two videos are mine.

Here is how I started: Go to Google (largest) and search business card magnets nothing yet (added this on 12/20/18). Search for buy advertising business cards magnets and we are the first (only) video (green) on page 2 or 3 with over 3,000 views. Again, I have not paid Google for this ranking. Keywords for business card magnets is a very competitive market. Ranking on Google takes time. Sometimes as long as three/four months. Unless you pay Google! If you are in a smaller geographical area results will be better.This is a little trick you can use to search with use the # sign before you search: #businesscardmagnets  Do this on Google, Two of the three videos you see are mine! A goal on Google is page one or two visibility. Anything after page 1 or 2 really needs work via better search engine optimization or paid advertising. Paid advertising will work and get you better results. It’s a budget issue and I recommend you start small, work locally and build up.

So what are you waiting for?

  • No up-font financial layout,
  • FREE trial,
  • You see the work and approve it before it’s done
  • No long term contract. Actually, no contract, just a handshake.
  • and for less than a $1/day

If you have any questions let me know using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.Jim

P.S. Setting up the web page and everything that goes with this package takes about 10 business days. Sometimes delays happen as I want to make sure I have the right information or the owner is busy.

P.P.S. Did you know that their are over 1,500,000,000 web sites as of January 15, 2020? And 300 web sites are registered every minute? Your competitors are in these statistics!

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